Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

12:00 PM

My friend, Demetri, was in town this week, so a group of us girls got together to celebrate. We ate and talked and, as you'll see below, took a lot of pictures. There were many more, but I spared you the blurry and extreme close up shots!

We had fun and are looking forward to seeing Demetri again, hopefully soon!

Nicole, Mechie, Me and Christie Jo

Can you tell that Coop taught Savannah and Callie how to do a peace sign? Notice Coop and Jennifer's signs, they making an 'E' in honor of Gordy Eye Care! {Nice plug!}

Senorita Nicole

With Christie Jo's daughters. (Savannah's still working the peace sign.)

Yes, Callie is sucking MY thumb!

Demetri and Stacy

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