May Birthdays

9:00 AM

For some reason May is the month to be born in our family. We have FOUR birthdays in our family this month. Happy Birthday, May babies!
Happy Birthday, Nona!
May 13

Happy Birthday, Mimi!
May 17

Happy Birthday, Drew and Happy Birthday, Me! (What? I can't leave myself out!) May 20 & May 29

*Did You Know? Mine and Drew's birthdays are just nine days apart. We were born the same year at the same hospital! No, we didn't know each other then, but I'm sure he was just as cute back then as he is now!

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  1. Happy Birthday all!

    May is like that with our family too. My sis in law is on the 2nd, my 3 boys on the 3rd, my bro in law on the 16th, and my sis on the 28th!

    The month of August is magical...


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