Go ahead, give in...

9:00 AM

...and learn the Hoedown Throwdown. I have and you should, too! In case you don't know what I'm talking about (or you don't have a child over the age of 4) the Hoedown Throwdown is a dance number from Miley Cyrus's new movie. It's cute, clean, kid-friendly and fun to do. I have a feeling they'll be playing it all summer long.

If you have any personal contact with Courtney Cooper, then she's probably already taught you the moves. If you need help, see the video below.

I know we'll bust it out at her birthday party next month...and probably anywhere else she can get a group together!

Coop, Tootie and I showed off our moves to our Bunco group Wednesday night. As soon as we finished the song, everyone wanted to learn, even our pregnant member, Heather Whatley! It was funny to watch 9 grown women "Pop it, lock it, Polka Dot it..."

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  1. Whoa! I'm impressed, I think I'd have to watch this video 100 times to learn it!

  2. you should have peyton come do a dance camp for your bunco group!!!

  3. I am guilty...two minutes ago, I went to youtube and watched the instructional video, then I come to this blog to see your latest happenings and see you've blogged about it!

  4. this is hysterical! i love it!


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