Recap II

10:00 AM

Since we had such a good time (and I might have been out-of-control when it came to taking pictures) I decided to share a few more pictures from our weekend getaway. We can't wait to head back to PC Beach Memorial Day.

Testing the water

Check out that bikini!

Playing in the water with Mommy can be very funny!

There was a lot to laugh at... this. So silly!

Pretty girl

I've leave you with Audrey Hepburn Libby. Hope this inspires you to get to the beach soon!

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  1. I'm inspired!!! Wish I could get to the beach... we were planning on going this weekend, but found out the weather isn't supposed to be that great and we have TONS to do at home, so we cancelled. Maybe we can squeeze one last trip in before Baby Elsie arrives. Even if not, I have full intentions on turning her into a beach bum pretty quickly! :) I love all of Libby's pics- her little swimsuits are too cute!!! I can't wait for the dress up part of mommyhood! You guys are just the cutest little family ever!!! (PS> I saw Drew yesterday coming out of Walgreens and waved and he, very politely, waved back, but I know he was thinking "Who the heck was that???" Anyhoo... you can tell him that I'm the crazy waving lady that doesn't know how to drive!)


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