Blue Mountain Beach, FL

9:40 AM

We're back...from vacation, that is. We had a wonderful time at the beach, I didn't want to come home. We left Friday afternoon and headed for PC Beach. We woke up at the beach (one of the best feelings in the world!) and played all morning. Some of our friends from Phenix City happened to be down as well, so we got to play with them on the beach Saturday.

Libby and Reagan

Allie came by to visit after Libby's nap.

Then we packed up and headed to Blue Mountain, about 45 minutes down the beach.

We stayed at The Redfish Village, it was beautiful! If you'd like to drool over this place, click here.
The pool was nice, we spent lots of time trying to stay cool because it was HOT outside! They even had a playground for Libby...

We hit the beach everyday. Libby had fun playing with everyone!

Playing all morning is hard work!
We also went out to eat a few nights. We ate at some great places, Goatfeathers and The Old Florida Fish House, both in Santa Rosa. Both were very good!

It was a great trip, we really enjoyed ourselves!

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  1. We used to go to Goatfeather's every year. Glad ya'll had fun. Next time you have to take us! =)

  2. Looks like you guys had a great visit! Libby is too cute in her swimsuits and ponytails!

    That's funny about Watercolor! It really is beautiful there. My hubby is a realtor so we own a lot in Redfish Village. I hope that he wants to keep the lot and build a home on it someday, but I highly doubt it :)


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