Coop's 30th Birthday Bash

2:00 PM

My best friend, Courtney Cooper, turned 30 last week. She celebrated for about 5 days straight (birthday lunch, pool party, band party) but I guess that's okay when you're having a milestone birthday, right?

We agreed that living 30 wonderful years is a worthy reason to celebrate. So that's just what we did. Lots of friends and family got together to celebrate Coop's big birthday.

The Taylor Made Band played and everyone had a good time. Here are just a few shots from Saturday night...

Monica, Me, Pam Cakes, Heather and April

Amy Griggs, Coop, Me and Amy Stamp

The cake was really cute!

Ashley Sykes, Coop, Leslee and Me

And yes...we did the Hoedown Throwndown!

The Hedges and Flournoys

It was a great weekend! And it's comforting to know that Courtney will always be older than me. :)

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