Weekend Recap

9:03 AM

Another busy weekend has come and gone. Saturday afternoon was warm and sunny- a great reason to hit the pool! Libby debuted her crab float that Coop gave her for her birthday. She liked it and chilled in the water until Courtney freed her and attempted to give her swimming lessons.

Coop instructing Libby to "Kick, kick, kick!"


Saturday night a group of our friends gathered to eat, hang out and share some homemade from the heart birthday cake {more on this below}.
Cassie, Amanda, Libby and Katie Sue

Leslee and Libby

Anna Grace, Libby and Reagan
Coop's Homemade from the Heart Cake. Heather and I named her cakes years ago. If you're lucky enough, Coop will bake and decorate you a very special cake. I've had some great ones over the years. {"Fun Beth" is a nickname that Riley and Reagan Rutledge gave me a few years ago. I'm just glad it's not "Boring Beth" or worse!}

The Girls before Dinner

Me and Coop {who has a BIG birthday just around the corner.}

Thanks for a fun weekend! I had fun celebrating my birthday. By the way, I'm 29...my last year in my twenties. How did this happen so quickly? Oh well, I'm sure it will be a great year!

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  1. Happy Birthday sweet friend whom I have not seen in forever! I hope you had a great birthday and enjoy your last year in the twenties!!


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