Memorial Day Weekend

9:00 AM

It was a memorable weekend, for sure. Never have I seen so much rain in Panama City Beach. However, God saw that we were going stir crazy in the condo, so He cleared the skies and let us run wild on the beach after hours of stormy weather Saturday afternoon. Sunday was better, just one batch of storms (that just so happen to fall around Libby's nap time) then it was clear and sunny for the rest of the day. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were gorgeous. It was a fun trip!

Being one with the ocean

Libby played with friends
With Anna Grace and Adley

Putting Anna Grace to work {Funny!}

Thankfully, they were still friends after that!

Libby and Presley

She enjoyed hanging out with the big kids, too!

Libby and Amanda

Libby and Madison

Libby and Jared Harrelson. {Yes, he's easy on the eyes! You're welcome.} He and Libby became fast friends.

Playing with Mimi

With the Cooper girls - Courtney and Cassie

Libby and Mommy

We took a ride in Coop's kayak

...and we survived!

Drew and I got to go out with friends Sunday night.

We can't wait to hit the beach again in a few weeks with Drew's family. It's hard work training your child to be a beach bum, but some body's gotta do it!

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  1. I love that she has even convinced other kids to push her around! I guess my day is coming soon!

  2. Had fun on the trip. Can't wait to go back.


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