Dr. Lett

7:00 AM

Meet Cousin Hunter.

He is Drew's first cousin on his mother's side. He's truly a character: funny, smart and a good time to be around.

He just so happens to love Libby. And she loves him back.

Hunter is currently working on his medical residency. He goes for months at a time to work in hospitals around the country. He was home {his home is Auburn} and wanted to spend time with Libby. We met at Sara's* house.

Hunter got his wish. (and Libby enjoyed herself, too!)

We love you, Hunter boy! Keep up the good work and remember, Libby will be waiting back home to play with you!

*Drew and Hunter's grandmother, Libby's great grandmother.

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  1. Wow! The little princess is growing up so fast! She kind of looks like she's aged---but in a good way! :)


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