Farewell, Andrea!

7:00 AM

We had a quiet weekend. I enjoyed hanging around the house and spending time with Miss Libby. We did get out Saturday night. After dropping Libby off to spend-the-night with Mimi and Papa, we joined our friends for a send-off celebration for Andrea Smith.

I have known Andrea for a long time. She's few years younger than me, but I've always enjoyed spending time with her. She's being a brave lady and picking up and moving to Wilmington, NC to follow her dreams. (Wilmington is the location of EUE/Screen Gems Studio. Home to such shows as One Tree Hill.) She is interested in film and she has the talent and drive to seek out new adventures.

Me and Andrea

Andrea has been working at our local ABC affiliate station in the sales department for the last few years. Several times a year I go to the station to film segments for the morning news called 'Business Break'. I promote the college and share new programs or upcoming events. Andrea is the studio coordinator. The whole process takes about 30 minutes to film and Andrea and I hang out and talk the entire time.

I'm holding photo shopped pictures of Andrea and the host of Business Break

I'm proud of her for being brave enough to follow her dreams. Though I'll miss her around the WTVM studio, I know she'll be doing great things.

Here are a few shots of friends from Saturday night.

Best of luck, Andrea. We'll miss you!

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