New Tricks

7:00 AM

I must say Libby is at an exciting and entertaining age. She seems to discover something new almost everyday. Just this weekend I captured two new surprises.

At meal time, she loves to try to steal the spoon from me. It's cute the first few times, then it's all downhill from there. She likes thinking she's in control at meal time.

She bites the spoons and holds it with her teeth. {Look Ma, no hands!}

Then again...

And then she starts to laugh, which makes it hard to hold on to the spoon. So silly!

Her newest trick happened Saturday afternoon. We were hanging around the house when I noticed Libby had been quiet for a while - usually a sign that she's up to something. I made my way to the back of the house to find her sitting IN a bucket and playing under the bathroom sink. To get to to this point she had to open the cabinets, clean out the bucket, which held a few supplies, pull it out and crawl in it. She was busily playing, so I ran to grab my camera.

You can tell by the sweet expression on her face that she's not scared of me at all. Infact, she's quite proud of what she's discovered!

If you ever need a laugh (and have ample energy to burn) feel free to borrow Libby for the afternoon!

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  1. What a ham! She is too cute! Those pictures of her stealing the spoon are so cute! I remember Kent doing that and Lilly always tries to grab mine, but I make sure to give her one to play with while I am feeding her and that does the trick...for now :)


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