For the Birds

4:45 PM

Libby got to hang out with the boys Sunday afternoon. She went to the farm for a dove shoot. No, we didn't allow our toddler to play with guns, but she did look very cute in her camouflage overalls!

"Come here, birds!"

Petting Yuchi, her farm dog buddy. Then going after his tail.

Waiting for the birds can get boring, so Libby took a break to play golf.

Talking golf with Cousin Hunter

In other farm news...

We also visited the Griggs' farm this weekend. Libby took notes from the bigger kids and took a turn on this motorized Buck. I think she makes a cute cowgirl!

Daddy teaching her how to make it go.


What happened to my little baby? Who traded her in for this busy little toddler? One thing's for sure, she loves the outdoors and discovering new adventures.

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  1. She is so precious in those overalls! She looks like a big girl on the little tractor too! I can't wait for my Lilly to have hair like Libby!


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