Beach Getaway

9:00 AM

We made a quick trip to the beach this weekend. Drew, Libby, Mimi (my mom) and I headed down Friday afternoon to PC Beach. We wanted to let Libby hit the beach one more time before the season was over.

Saturday was overcast and raining off and on, but we suited up and headed to the beach. Libby didn't mind the clouds - she ran, splashed and played!

Sunday morning was gorgeous! Here's s glimpse...

Libby still prefers playing in her bucket, what a funny girl!

Saturday night, Mimi was sweet and sent us out on a date night. She and Libby stayed at the condo and did fun stuff that only your Mimi will let you do!

Before dinner at the Boat Yard
Libby didn't like being excluded, so she cried. Notice how happy she is to be in our picture!

Though it was a quick trip (I could have stayed a few more days!) it was good to get away. Libby is so much fun and we enjoyed playing with her. Thanks, Mimi, for all of your help. Who knew a 17-month-old could require so many supervisors?

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