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A co-worker of mine could use your prayers. Do you mind sharing them? Chris Patterson is a student advisor on campus and is a work friend of mine. He has been very, very sick and is battling everyday to get well. He was admitted late last week to the hospital (ICU at that) because his doctors couldn't figure out why he has been so sick. It turns out he's fighting pneumonia, influenza A and possibly H1N1. He is in his early thirties (yes, too young to be this sick) and has always seemed to be a pretty healthy guy.

His sisters have created a blog so his family, friends and co-workers can stay up-to-date on his status. Feel free to visit their blog for updates. http://prayersforchris.blogspot.com/

Get well soon, Chris! I know my blog readers wish the best for you and will lift you up in prayer.

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