Fish Fun

7:00 AM

Remember the girls' beach weekend that I told you about a few weeks ago? Well that same weekend several of our husbands and their friends had an equally fun time fishing in Apalachicola, FL. They had "guy time" and caught a lot of fish. Several of our friends got together Friday night to have a fish fry and enjoy each other's company.

Benton in the kitchen battering the fish. Hallie (one of two cute Whatley daughters) stood by to make sure he was doing it right.

After the fish were battered, they were sent outside with the rest of the men. Mason and Drew, along with a few others, manned the deep fryer. (That's a man's job is there ever was one!)

While the the fish were frying, we had fun visiting with friends.
Jennifer Bartow, me and Jennifer Cooper
Courtney was entertaining my child outside in the cul-de-sac. Yes, she took her for a ride on her ripstik. (It's a cousin of a skate board.) No worries, Libby survived this wild ride!

Then Libby and Jackson headed up to play in his crib. Libby couldn't understand why it was round, but she had fun trying to crawl out of it.

And finally, the food was ready...

Yep, it was that good! Fish, hush puppies, cheese grits and all the fixings, mmm!

We rounded out the night with a {homemade from the heart} cake for Cory's 33rd birthday. As always, it was tasty! Happy Birthday, Co Co!
Thanks to the guys for catching Friday night's dinner. Also, thanks to the Coopers for having us over. I hope we do it again soon!

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