Some Assembly Required

3:30 PM

Our back yard reminded me of Santa's workshop this weekend - minus the elves, plus my husband. Libby's big present from us this Christmas is a swing set. Sounds easy enough, but it's really not. Good thing I have a very patient, hard working husband.

We picked up the swing set last week, then waited for six days for the rain to stop. Thankfully, it was clear this weekend. Drew started the task of assembling this swing set. I must admit, I underestimated him when I saw all the pieces being staged in the yard.

Admit it, you would have been doubtful, too. Especially after you read the instruction manual and learned that there were 19 phases required to assembling this mother!

But Drew didn't seem deterred by my laughter. He {actually} read the instructions and began on his project.

I'm very proud to report that he is over halfway finished. Check back later in the week for pictures of the final product. I hope you don't have to assemble anything bigger than this for Christmas, but if you do, I'm sure it'll be well worth it.

Merry Christmas and happy assembling!

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  1. I can't believe Drew is a man who actually reads directions. Most men don't. LOL


  2. Go Daddy Go! Our Dad will pbe putting together a bike and a play kitchen for Christmas!


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