December Happenings

7:30 AM

It's not December until your calendar is jam-packed and you're stressed, correct? We've certainly stayed busy this month with lots of activities. 'Tis the Season!

Last weekend we celebrated with The Hedges at their annual party.

After dinner with April and Cody Flournoy.

Each year we play Dirty Santa and each year it seems to get more interesting. Several of the presents from last year reappeared and lots of new ones were introduced to the group. Matt scored a Snuggie only to be stolen shortly after. There were some great (and not so great) presents swapped this year!
Group shot of the girls

This week was Christmas Bunco. We mixed things up a bit and dressed up as the Redneck 12 Days of Christmas. You might remember this funny song made popular by Jeff Foxworthy.

Mercer: 5 Flannel Shirts, Amy: 6 cans of Spam and Vonda: 12-pack of Bud!

With Holly and Coop

The group after our ornament swap

Merry Christmas from the Bunco Babes and good luck with your busy Decembers!

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