I Heart NY

11:59 AM

My bestie, Courtney, recently took a trip to New York City. She and her family stayed for four days and shopped, played, toured and even visited Good Morning America. They had a great time. She brought back souvenir t-shirts for me and Libby. I'd love to visit NYC again, but the t-shirt will have to do for now.

Thanks, Coop!

Libby also worked in a game of toss with her buddy, Riley, this weekend. Riley and his dad have been visiting Arrowhead Farm as Riley has recently discovered the joys of hunting. Before they loaded up in Drew's truck to head to the stand, Riley taught Libby a few moves.

Riley got a doe later the same day. Drew said he was beaming with excitement and really, really loves deer hunting.

*Disclaimer, I do not hunt. I have sat a few times in a deer stand with Drew but don't find it to be very exciting. However, my husband loves it and that's fine with me. He's even allowed to expose Libby to nature and hunting when she gets older, as long as he doesn't make me sit with them.

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  1. I have never been to NY. L.A. went last Fall and brought back shirts for us as well! I do love them dearly! I love seeing Libby with the football! Too cute!! Oh, please do come squat in my backyard- I'll cook for you! It will be fun!! Anytime :)


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