Shots and Cake

10:26 AM

Even though I thought this weekend would be quiet, it turned out to be a busy one. Libby and I headed to Moon Lake Friday afternoon to enjoy the beautiful weather and feed the ducks. She really enjoyed herself! After we had tossed out all of our bread, a jogger passed us and Libby pointed and said, "run!" Then she took off running and shouting, "Go Libby, go!" It was precious and I assume she learned it at school because I'd never heard her say it before.

Changing gears...the last several months I have been serving on a planning board for an annual Health Expo in our community. It sort of humored me to be on the board of a medical-related event since I have NO medical background. But I learned a lot and made some new contacts. By virtue of serving on the committee, I volunteered to work the expo for a few hours Saturday morning, along with some students from my college. At the event, I discovered that both Libby and I could get H1N1 shots...for free! Remember my post a few weeks ago about how we have had the hardest time tracking the vaccine down?

I called Drew and we made arrangements to get Libby to the expo. Upon her arrival, we filled out paperwork (well, I did while she bopped herself in the head with a balloon given to her by a nice man from the committee) and thankfully only had to wait a few minutes for our turn. I got mine first to show Libby how brave I was. Then it was her turn. Sadly, she screamed like someone had endangered her life, but I know it hurt. She recovered quickly and forgave me for the shot. Here we are showing off our battle scars band aids.

We also celebrated my father-in-law's birthday this weekend. Libby enjoyed entertaining the family while the meal was cooking. Her Aunt Angie is pregnant and due in April. We talked to Libby about the baby. She caught on to the concept, but not sure if she totally got it.

I had just asked her, "Where is the baby?"
Then Angie further confused her by asking, "Where is Tripp's baby?" She was happy to point this out to us.

She enjoyed singing Happy Birthday to her Da Da (pronounced Day Day).

We had ice cream cake, de-lish!

After a long evening of playing and eating, Libby was beat. After changing into her pajamas, I asked her if she wanted to sit with Uncle Tripp. She agreed and thought his lap was pretty comfy. After a few minutes, she dozed off. It was sweet and good practice for Tripp.



And she's out!

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