Now what?

10:17 AM

Christmas and the New Year have passed. It's January, it's very what should I blog about? How 'bout I tell you about our weekend?

First of all, Libby was happy that mommy's team won. Thanks, Lib, for your support!

My friend, Beth Hedges, turned 30. If she can do it, I guess I can, too. I have still have a few months to be 29, so don't go promoting me to my thirties just yet! Friday night we got together to celebrate Beth's big day.

With Coop and April

With the birthday girl.

It's still very cold here so we stayed inside as much as possible. We did venture out to two baby showers and I'm happy to report Libby thoroughly enjoyed socializing at both parties. I think we have hit the beginning stages of developing a very social butterfly.

Stay warm this week and I'll see you soon!

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