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Have you noticed anything new? I've been playing with the blog and having some success. Notice the new font? Thanks to Jessica over at Taylor Plus Triplets, I've discovered a site with tips on doing cool stuff with you blog. But let me warn you, what some might call "easy" is far from it. I'm talking rewriting HTML code, whew. I have also figured out how to post my pictures much larger than the standard settings, so I'm very excited about that. I'll keep tinkering and maybe you'll see other cool features on the blog.

This week has been pretty typical - work, playing with Libby and looking forward to the weekend. In other news, I've been totally annoyed with health care services in general. I've been trying for weeks to get an H1N1 shot for Libby. She goes to daycare and I've decided that she needs to be protected. Too bad it's not that easy. Her pediatrician hasn't had the shot or they are out of it and waiting on more doses every time I call. I've tried Walgreen's - you have to be at least nine years old to get vaccinated in their stores. My last attempt? The county health department. Anything to protect my child, right? Unfortunately, that was a bust. My mother (an awesome team player!) came and got Libby yesterday morning. She arrived to the flu shot clinic that runs everyday from 9 to 10 am a little before 9 am. At l0:25 am she and Libby still had not been seen and Libby was crawling on all the ICKY furniture and about at her wits end. Mimi waved the white flag and left - no H1N1 shot and now both had been exposed to a room full of sick people, nice. I called the health department back, asked for a manager and actually got a nice lady. Her advice was to try again, but they couldn't tell me how long it would take since we were walk ins - but they don't make appointments for the shot. Oy! So if you have any advice, I'm all ears.

In news with less red tape, Drew and I are planning a get away this weekend. I'm really, really excited! We are going to escape to PCB.

I know it will most likely be too cold to lay out on the beach, but I am planning to work in some walks and enjoy just being there. We also plan to do some shopping. When Drew makes his "I don't like shopping" face, I remind him that he will be dropping me off at the Silver Sands Outlet Stores and he will get man time at Bass Pro Shop. Fair trade, right?

Hope your week is going well!

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  1. You should definately fill us all in on the site where you got your cute font! I like it!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I got your comment about the fonts, but tried and am totally lost. You might just have to give me a tutorial one day, because I feel like a complete idiot! How did you get your pictures larger? I've been trying, but can't get it to work:)

  4. Yay! Beth it looks great! I get the itch to rewrite the html on my blog every now and then. I've lost everything a time or two trying to get fancy - like when I converted to a 3 column layout.. I still get headaches thinking about it! lol! I need to try her tutorial for the fonts, the large titles look great!

    And yes.. I've been playing with photoshop - not the real thing, but PSE 7.


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