What a Week!

9:00 AM

Last week was a doozy! I'm glad it's written in the history books and stamped as "the past". The week started with the refrigerator debacle that you read about a few posts ago. Having no refrigerator for a little over two days was an obstacle, but we jumped that hurdle.

Tuesday evening Libby and I got home a little early so I could feed her and get her cleaned up. We'd made plans to stop by a visitation and pay our respects for a friend's grandmother that passed away last week. We were moments from walking out of the door when I called for Libby to come get her jacket on. She got very excited and started running through the living room. While running, she tripped and took an awful fall. Her head crashed into the wall and make an extremely loud noise. Drew and I knew instantly that this was not good. Libby immediately began screaming and when she looked up we knew why. She had a HUGE knot on her forehead and it continued to swell. Drew decided after about four seconds that we needed to go to the emergency room. I hesitated for just a moment, but when I saw the blue and purple swelling, I agreed. We dashed out the door and loaded Libby in the car. There is a hospital near our house and thankfully, it wasn't too crowded. Libby was conscience, but the knot was still abnormally big. After I filled out a mountain of paperwork they took us back and took her temp, weight, etc. Within a few minutes an doctor was in our curtained room assessing Libby. He agreed that she took a very hard lick and he prescribed a CAT scan to make sure there was nothing more serious, like bleeding or excessive swelling.

Drew nor I have ever had to have a CAT scan, so we really didn't know what to expect. Just a moment later a young x-ray tech came and got us and we walked down to the x-ray room. Libby must have known something was up because she clung to Drew tightly. Justin (I remember his name because I figured he wouldn't soon forget Libby after the show she put on for him) issued us our metal jackets and gave us instructions on how the test would go. Basically Libby had to lay flat and be completely still. (You may stop and laugh here, Drew and I did.) Needless to say, it got ugly and Libby did NOT like having to lay down and be still. Drew is such a good daddy, he all but laid on her to keep her still while trying to comfort her and thankfully Justin was able to get a few decent shots. Funny, he didn't ask us to hang around and chit chat when the test was over. I'm pretty sure Justin will be 40 before he has kids of his own. ;)

We made our way back to our room and waited. Libby was pretty traumatized by the test and insisted that Drew or I hold her the entire time. After we'd waited about 45 minutes the doctor came back and read us the results of Libby's CAT scan. Thankfully, the scans were clear and she was not in any danger. Soon after we were allowed to go home and that made all three of us very happy! I hope that's my last visit to an emergency room for a long, long time.

Libby's head several hours after her fall. The swelling had gone down, but she had a nice battle wound to show off.

Just when we started to recover from our eventful Tuesday night, we learned that we could get snow Friday. Much to my surprise, the college I work for announced that we would be closed and Libby's daycare did the same. The snow came as predicted and we enjoyed a wonderful snow day.

Just as the snow started to fall Friday morning.

A few hours later we had enough to make snow balls!

Sledding with Coop. Yes they were going that fast - and Libby loved it!

Libby and her friend, Presley

What a strange week it was. However, I am thankful that even the bad days weren't so bad. It sure does make me appreciate those normal, non-eventful weeks. I hope to have a boring week and you do the same!

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  1. Eeks, how scary with Libby's fall! So glad she is ok. Seems like she was back to normal by snow day.

  2. So so scary! Praise the Lord that she is ok! Snow looks so fun and Libby looks like an adorable little snow bunny all bundled up :)

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