That's Right...

2:00 PM

...nice and boring!

I'm happy to share that our week was a boring one, hallelujah! I had a very busy week at work, our appliances ran as expected and Libby didn't require any trips to the hospital. That's what I call a good week.

We have two birthday parties on our agenda this weekend and we hope to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. I'll update pictures from our busy weekend soon.

Until then here are a few pictures that make me smile. I took this picture of Libby last weekend. (What you don't take pictures from the driver's seat like I do?) We made a quick trip my parents' house to feed their cat while they were out of town. I grabbed a ball cap since I hadn't fixed my hair. Libby saw me, went to her toy chest and grabbed her hat, too. This is how she chose to wear it.

This one also makes me laugh - check out her outfit! Pajama pants, bright yellow socks and backwards hat. Gotta love Saturdays!

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  1. Beth, I love your blog! Libby is seriously the most beautiful little girl ever! Thank you so much for your kind words & prayers. We are excited about becoming parents, and can't wait to bring home our little blessing:-) We'll keep you updated. Thanks again for your love & support. Love, Ginger


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