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8:10 AM

Hi all. Boy has it been a busy couple of weeks. And honestly, not the good kind of busy. The on-the-go, stressful-at-times, totally exhausted kind of busy. Brooke, our friend that teaches at Libby's daycare, asked me, "Why haven't you posted anything to the blog lately?" Busted! I tried to explain that I've been busy, but truth is, I have missed blogging as well. So I'm back!

Though life has been busy, Libby has not lacked in the cuteness department. She is talking more than ever and she cracks us up at all the funny things she tells us. Just yesterday in the grocery store, a chatty, grandmotherly-type woman stopped us and paid Libby a compliment. We thanked her and told her good bye. Libby shouted (yes, shouted) "Bye Mot!" Mot is Libby's great grandmother. I chucked and she said it again, but louder. I quietly told Libby, "That's not Mot." She paused and then shouted, "Bye Sara!" Sara is her other great grandmother. She figured since the lady was friendly and had grey hair, she had to be named Mot or Sara, like her great grandmothers. Makes perfect sense to Libby. Hysterical!

And if you haven't had the chance to socialize in person with Libby lately, then you might not know what a people person she is becoming. She. Loves. People. She loves to see them and most of all, she loves to be fussed over. Drew and I find ourselves using "people" to bribe Libby to get her coat or shoes on. It goes like this:

Me: Alright, Libby, let's go.
Libby: Running around, dodging me.
Me: Libby, let's put your coat on, it's time to go.
Libby: No, no.
Me: But we're going to see people.
Libby: Runs towards me with her arms out, ready to put on her coat and go.

She can spot a person hundreds of feet away.

And her reaction is the same every time...

This just happen to be when she spotted the kids next door playing in their back yard.

Hopefully we'll make it through the rest of the week with our heads above water. Thank goodness for weekends! Maybe we'll get to take it easy, like Libby, here, just before bedtime.

Looking forward to kicking back and relaxing very, very soon! Be back soon.

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  1. I completely understand how you feel about being busy! We've been so busy I feel like I haven't had any time to just relax. I'm thinking it has something to do with the warmer weather. Hope you guys get to have a relaxing weekend.


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