Play Ball!

8:08 AM

As many of the blog readers know, Libby and I love to spend time with my best friend, Coop, or Coach Cooper as she's known at her day job. Coop teaches elementary P.E. but has coached with the high school's fast pitch softball program for years. Over the years I've dropped in to watch games and support Coop and her players. And when Libby was born, we continued the tradition.

Libby really enjoyed the ball field and climbed each and every set of stairs and bleachers in a half-mile radius. We even took a walk around the perimeter of the field (outside the fence) all by ourselves while the game was going on. She thought it was great!

Coop grabbed Libby during the game and let her go into the dugout. She was mesmerized. Look at her being one of the girls...

And the girls on the team loved fussing over Libby. I'm sure having a toddler in the dugout isn't good for keeping middle school and junior high girls focused during their game. Good thing we're in with the coach! ;)

I'm sure it won't be long before Libby is wanting to play a sport or be part of the team. Until then, we'll just enjoy being {darn cute} spectators.

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