New 'Do

8:00 AM

I'm proud to introduce you to Libby's new haircut. It's just precious! I've been meaning to take her in for a trim for several weeks. I finally carved out the time this weekend. I asked Drew to accompany us to the salon because our last trip resulted in me holding Libby while she screamed at the top of her lungs as the sweet hairdresser bobbed and weaved around trying her best to trim Libby's hair. It wasn't pretty.

Thankfully, this trip was far less stressful. Libby began to stiff leg us as we tried to get her in the chair (disguised as a taxi cab), but the nimble stylist whipped out a bucket of lollipops and all was well. Whew!

I asked her to give Libby a bob and I think she did a great job! Here's a few pictures of Libby's chic and adorable cut.

Watch out Easter and the entire month of April, Libby's ready to take you on with her trendy new cut.

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  1. Very cute! She's got a big girl hair cut!

  2. Very cute! She's only like a month older than my boys, but seems SO much older... Maybe because she's a girl? We go to Pigtails and Crewcuts too! It is so worth it to go somewhere where they are used to working with little ones. When Taylor was little, before that was here in Cols, we would drive to Auburn to Cub Cuts.

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  4. Her hair cut is absolutely precious!!I can't wait until Lilly has that much hair!! Libby is so stylish and cute! Love it!


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