Libby's Week of Birthday Fun

4:00 PM

Libby turned two on Wednesday. So we did what any good family would do - we ate pancakes! Tuesday night we invited all the grandparents to dine at IHOP. It was sort of an odd choice for a birthday celebration, but my girl LOVES pancakes. So I felt the International House of Pancakes was a no-brainer.

She got to open a few presents early.

I'm sure you're not surprised to learn that she was more fascinated with the paper and ribbons than the actual presents. However, the cute outfits and swim suit delighted me!

After dinner, which was a huge pancake and hash browns for Libby, the wait staff surprised us all and sang (very loudly) to her. At first she was not sure about all the hoopla. We were howling at what we quickly dubbed her "nervous smile".

When she saw we were all smiling and encouraging her, she relaxed and enjoyed the birthday serenade.
And if downing her dinner wasn't enough, she enjoyed tasting her birthday treat...another pancake!

Be back with more birthday fun...

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