Mother's Day Fun

7:00 PM

What a great Mother's Day weekend it was! We had a very busy weekend that included lots of Mother's Day activities and a family reunion. (More on that later.)

Friday afternoon Libby's class at daycare hosted a Mother's Day picnic. We had lots of fun eating snacks on our blanket. The kids ran around, ate out of every one's picnic baskets and had a great time.

Libby's favorite teacher is Ms. Felicia. She is so good to her babies and they love her right back. Libby constantly talks about "Ms Beesha" and the things they do during the day.

Holding hands with her friend, Brooks.

These pictures were taken before lunch Sunday afternoon. Is my Libby Lou sweet or what?

I'm very blessed to be Libby's mommy!

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  1. It's definitely a great way to celebrate Mother's day. Libby's such an angel. Lovely pictures that are so endearing. Thanks for sharing.
    traditional picnic

  2. oh! Mrs. Felicia was our favorite teacher too! and Mrs. Trish. Mrs. Felicia potty trained Taylor for us and broke him of his paci! Love the pictures.


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