Play Time

4:00 PM

Libby has had lots of fun playing with new toys that she scored at her birthday party. Our living room looks like a full-blown play room. If I squint hard enough I can almost see the former spacious family room I used to have.

She loves this bright colored tunnel she received from her friends Riley and Reagan. She has spent hours perfecting her army crawl.

Since it looked like so much fun, I took a turn. Warning - being taller than three feet is not necessarily a good thing when you're trying to crawl through the tunnel!

After my basic training drills, Libby thought I needed to kick back and relax. She whipped out her new Disney Princess beauty set and styled my hair.

I think it's pretty obvious that Drew and I are loving this funny and playful stage that Libby's in. She very busy and is a two-year-old through and through.

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  1. Tunnels are GREAT! We have one and my kids can't get enough :) I absolutely adore the pics of Libby styling your hair! Too too cute!


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