Party Time!

4:30 PM

We survived Libby's 2nd birthday party!

Libby invited lots of friends and family to her Fun on the Farm party. Lots of planning took place the weeks leading up the to the party. However, rain was NOT something I had planned. We all know that us human-types don't control the weather, so it wasn't up to me. We had a big threat of rain, but we persevered and thankfully, everything turned out just fine.

It rained off and on throughout the day, but we didn't get the severe weather that those in Mississippi and North Alabama got, just rain and some wind. We got a break from the rain during the party. The kids (uh hmm and adults) had a great time playing!

There were games for everyone...

There was even a hay ride around the farm.

My sweet friend Kathryn came down from Birmingham for the party. She didn't seem to be scared by all the rowdy kids!

We had a cow cake!
And Libby LOVED having everyone sing Happy Birthday to her.

Then the rain came...

But no one seemed to mind.

We had a great time and really enjoyed spending time with friends and family. Libby got so many great presents and we are thankful to have such fun memories! I will be resting until next year!

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  1. LOOOOOOOOVED this... the rain pictures were AWESOME also! LOVED the theme!!!

  2. Love her party! The cake, her outfit, and her love for playing in the rain!!! So so cute!

  3. What a wonderful birthday party....that is up until the rain arrived! Great photos, thanks for sharing!


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