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7:00 AM

Libby got a big surprise this weekend and boy was she excited! My brother, her Uncle Drew, is in town from Colorado for a visit. I started telling her Saturday that she was going to meet Uncle Drew. She immediately began asking, "Where Uncle Dew? Uncle Dew come here?"

{Stop! Did you notice that I have both and husband and a brother named Drew? Yep, I do. Okay, just didn't want anyone to be confused. }

Drew and my parents stopped by Sunday evening on their way home from the airport. Libby took about three minutes to size him up, then she decided she liked him...a lot! This was a relief for me because she was six weeks old the last time they hung out together.

After some hugs and high fives we all ventured outside to play on her swing set. Drew was a good sport and jumped right in!

Drew is headed south to spend a few days on the coast, then he'll be back for more family fun. I know this will please Libby so. :)

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  1. How fun! I just love when family comes to visit!!

  2. Y'all need to get a webcam so they can skype!

  3. Yes, I think Skyping (is that a word?) will be in our future!

  4. Yes, I think skyping is a word! We love it...it's free!


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