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If there's one thing the extended Parkman family believes in its keeping up with family. Every May there's a standing family reunion. Relatives drive in from all over, even as far as Miami. Before marrying into this family, I may have been to one or two reunions in my life time. I've quadrupled my record in the five years I've been married to Drew.

There is so much history and pride in this family. It's so interesting to hear stories how things used to be. I won't pretend I understand how all the pieces of the family puzzle fit together, but I have learned a lot in recent years.

One of the cousins brought this box full of old pictures. It's so neat to see how families lived in the early 1900's. Drew's Great Uncle Clyde is 80-something years young and can name almost every relative, who's child they were and where they lived. He's a walking history book! Here he is looking over some of the old pictures.

Libby enjoyed the playground and playing with her cousins. Many are second and third cousins, but she likes them just the same!

Cousin Georgia Lee was such a big help. Libby really enjoyed hanging out with her.

Another of Libby's favorite playmates is Cousin Elizabeth. She is so good with all the kids. So mature and patient. I asked her parents if we could draw up adoption papers so she could live with us. They laughed - I was serious!

Libby also got to see her cousin Sawyer. He just turned one and is such a cutie!

When she wasn't playing, Libby was greeting family and kissing babies. Here she is kissing baby Taylor and hugging her Great Grandmother Motsie.

Soon after she jumped in her Uncle Doug's arm. I know she isn't showing her enthusiasm in this shot, but she loves hanging out with Doug.

It was a fun afternoon. Libby was great with everyone and we enjoyed visiting with the extended family. We've already marked next year's reunion on our calendar!

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  1. What a great thing to do! I LOVE reunions! Bert's family is having one in June and I can't wait!! I love the picture of them looking through old photos!


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