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11:30 AM

I love my friends. Well, I'm not sure who doesn't love their friends...don't guess they'd make very good friends if you don't like or love 'em. Back to the point...I love my friends!

Last weekend our friends Beth and Gabe hosted a Summer Here!/Come See Our New House party. All of our friends got sitters and enjoyed actually sitting down, eating and enjoying each other - as opposed to chasing our kids or prying objects out of their mouths. That's just Libby? Oh, never mind.

Here's a group shot of all the girls. Bunch of pretty ladies!

The guys were too busy playing a cornhole tournament to pose for pictures.

We broke out the karaoke songs pretty early in the evening.

You can only imagine how lovely our songs were.

It was this one's birthday. If you don't know Courtney Lynn Cooper, you're missing out! Happy 31st, Coop!

Then we played the funniest game I've seen in a long time. Do you know about Just Dance? I didn't until Friday night. It's quite humorous! Up to four players get to compete while doing all sorts of dance moves. You hold a remote that gives you a score.

Talk about competitive! These folks were hysterical!

I might add that I won three out of the four songs I performed. Yeah, I've got skills!
Thanks for a great night, Beth and Gabe! We enjoyed our friend time so much.

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  1. This party looks like a BLAST!! So so jealous!

    P.S. Just now hit me that I haven't responded to your FB message...better do that :)


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