Giddy Up!

10:00 AM

We just completed Vacation Bible School and what fun and busy week it was! We saddled up and headed to Saddle Ridge Ranch. The kids loved the theme and we had fun being cowboys and cowgirls for the week.

The past several years my "job" has been to get the kids excited at the daily worship rally. If any of you need black mail material on me, this is the time to do. Dancing, singing, dressing in character. We go all out!

While I was jumping around in the name of Lord, Libby was enjoying her first VBS. She did really well, I was pleasantly surprised.

I knew she was having fun when she would ask me first thing in the morning, "We go to Bible Scoo?" (No 'L')

Make an effort for you and your kids to participate in a VBS in your area. I enjoyed myself and the kids had a ball. Have a great week!

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  1. Kent is at his first VBS this week- today was his first day and he LOVES it!! It is a pirate theme and he is beside himself- VBS is such a fantastic thing!!

  2. Looks like y'all had a great time! Berkley performed all of her songs for us tonite at my birthday dinner. She even said that you were a celebrity! Haha- go Beth!

  3. Brittaney,
    Berkley was a dancing machine. She stood in the isle during the assembly every night and danced her heart out to all the songs. It was really cute!


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