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11:40 AM

You saw in the last post that we spent Memorial Day at the beach. It was so much fun and I didn't want to come home. Let me share some of my favorite pictures from the long weekend.

I love this one. It just screams, "Life is good!"

This trip to the beach has become an annual event. It started years ago when I would go with my friend, Courtney's family. The group just kept growing and growing. When I started dating Drew, we took him along. As members of our group started getting married and having babies, we drug them along, too. Look at the group now.
Yes, we all know each other. Most are friends, some are relatives, many live in other cities or states. We all look forward to this trip.

With so many people in our group there's always something fun to do. Volleyball games, playing corn hole, even kayaking. (Notice Drew's taking it easy while the girls paddle!)

This year we invited my friend Kathryn along for the madness. She jumped right in and had a great time.

A few more of my favorites...

We are already looking forward to next year's trip!

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  1. Awesome Post!!! What a FUN group!!!
    Glad you had an GRRREAT birthday!


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