Birthday at the Beach

9:00 AM

For many people, turning 30 can be kind of a scary thing. For me it was fun! My birthday happens to fall on Memorial Day weekend most years. This year my birthday fell on Saturday of the long weekend. We were at the beach, the weather was great and some of my favorite people were there with me - a pretty good combination!

When we walked out to the beach, I was surprised to see that my friend, Courtney, had decorated our spot on the beach. How fun!

Later in the day the gang surprised me with cake.

Then, like good friends should, they helped me polish it off. Eating cookie cake while sitting on the beach - good stuff!

It was a memorial birthday and I appreciate all the planning that went into making it such a fun day. I highly recommend turning the Big 3-0 on the beach. You are far too relaxed to comprehend what just happened to your youth!

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  1. Looks like you had a great birthday at the beach. I'm sure that helped the hard blow of turning the big 3-0! We've been at the beach for a week now and I'm actually glad to be heading home!


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