Meet Will

12:00 PM

Our family got to officially meet Baby Will this weekend. We know all about Will, he's the first born son of our friends, Angel and Peter. We've seen several pictures of him, even got a Christmas card from him this year. But until recently we didn't know personally what a charming little guy he was.

Angel, my friend from high school and college, and her family were in town Saturday. Our schedules matched up, so we planned to let Libby and Will meet.

It was kiddie friendship at first sight!

Will is 9 months old. He's a crawling machine and kept up with Libby all over the house. That boy can move! I teased Angel that her hand must be full -- but really, her hands ARE full!

Libby loved Will's momma almost as much as she loved Will!

I'm so glad our babies got to play. It was precious to see them interact and love on each other. We're already planning our next get together. We're thinking a trip to the Atlanta Aquarium would be fun. Playing with baby Will and seeing fish? Libby might not be able to contain herself!

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