Day at Callaway

12:00 PM

Last Thursday we made a day trip to Robin Lake Beach at Callaway Gardens. It's a short trip, about 30 minutes, from our house. This was Libby's first trip to Callaway and it was so much fun!

We met up with friends to enjoy the day. Here, Libby and Allie were chatting while their moms unload the car.

We set up camp on the beach (and boy did we lug a lot of junk) and got right to business.

Libby pitched in and helped build a sand castle.

She was a fish and played and played...and played in the water. Good thing Cassie, Coop and Amanda don't mind all the splashing!

She had my friend Pam put these goggles on her. They made her make funny faces, but she loved wearing them.

And the best part? I got to spend time with good friends...who all happen to be wearing their black suits, too.

It was very HOT - the temps were in the upper 90's! But all the kids (and moms) hung in there. I enjoyed the day think this is going to become an annual trip. Can't wait to do it again!

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  1. Aside from Fantasy in Lights, I haven't been there in a while - in fact - I think the last time was when I took Peyton for the day - and she was 4 or 5??? My Mother used to have season passes for us in the summer.
    You have motivated me to take B and b! I'll have to dig out my black bathing suit...
    oh and Little Miss Libby just gets cuter and cuter!

  2. I want to go, looks like so much fun! I love all the back suits, and Libby in the goggles :)


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