Happy Birthday, Papa!

12:00 PM

Guess who had a birthday this weekend? My handsome Dad :)

We took Papa out-to-eat to celebrate. He chose our favorite Mexican spot. Libby discovered that she liked Mexican fare, too. She swiped a taco off Drew's plate, unrolled it and ate it in the following order: all the lettuce, all the cheese and some meat. If you look closely, you can see remnants around her mouth, on her nose, even in her brow.

And it wouldn't be official if we didn't embarrass the birthday boy. The waiters came out and sang "Happy Birthday" in their best broken English!

Papa with his ice cream treat!

The girls with Papa. We love you very much!

You also have to check out Brittaney's blog. She has some precious pictures of Libby and her friend, Deacon. While watching the Alabama/Penn State game, Deacon decided he liked Libby. I think they make a pretty cute couple!

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