For the Birds

10:34 AM

I bet you knew it was football season. And you might have noticed a slight break in the heat. But did you know that it's officially dove season? Unless you have a good ol' boy in the family, you might not know...or care.

Drew has gone to the dove fields the last two weekends. I thought it would be cute for Libby to join in the fun. Check out her out!

Believe or not she LOVED this outfit. She was so proud of her pants with pockets and she absolutely loved her pig tails. She told me over and over, "I got these." She couldn't remember what to call her pony tails, but she knew she loved them!

That same afternoon, after daddy harmed his limit of birds, we drove out to the Griggs' farm to see everyone, watch football and hang out. Libby was excited to see her Daddy and show him her hunting wardrobe.

She had such a good time playing with the older girls, Anna Grace and Jessie.

Anna Grace (or Hannah Grace, as Libby calls her) took care of Libby all evening. She was so sweet to Libby and played and played with her.

Now Libby thinks Anna Grace is pretty cool!

Happy hunting, y'all!

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  1. Who knew they made camo that small!! So precious!!

  2. Love the picture of the girls holding hands. Way to capture a sweet friendship!


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