On the Run

4:00 PM

I told you in my last post that I had a race planned for the weekend. Good news, I finished the race and didn't injure myself.

Our group was all smiles before the race. We're wearing our "Mustang Sidney" t-shirts in memory of Big Sid.

Courtney and Cassie honoring their dad, Sidney Wayne Cooper.

There we go! I was smiling because this was taken early in the race...before I met the really LONG hill at the one mile mark.

And here we are at the finish line. I wish it was more glamorous, but I think our faces tell the story - we were pushing ourselves! I know I was ecstatic to finally see the finish line.

We did it! The runners with some of our supporters. My parents were there, too, but I think they'd left before we snapped this shot.

We met and talked with Jeremy Williams. He is fighting ALS and was the honoree of the race. The run raised $15,000 to support ALS research at Emory Hospital in Atlanta. How awesome!

Libby also came to support her mommy and friends. She enjoyed the free bananas and live music!

We hope to run another race soon. Am I really typing that? I told myself if I could make it to the finish line, that I'd stop punishing myself by running! I guess my love/hate relationship with running will be continued.

Have a great week.

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