Santa's here!

8:00 AM

Can it really be that time of year already? Thanksgiving week is upon us and that means Christmas (the commercial side, anyway) is already trying to push its way into our lives.

We took Libby to a local shopping area to welcome Santa and kick off the Christmas season. Notice that we're wearing short sleeves and it wasn't cold, but we did our best to feel festive.

Libby caught a plastic, yellow football from the parade that preceded Santa. She loved it. You can't help but notice it, it's in EVERY picture!

Look! It's Santa Clause!

I don't know if Libby was trying to reach Santa or what, but she got her little grubby hands on my phone. Funny how she didn't have to be taught how to hold or talk on a cell phone. I think she's seen her mommy and daddy enough to take her cues from us.

I promise, I don't bark orders into the phone like Libby is doing here (Even though my husband might say differently!) She said things like, "Hello, how are you?" and "Okay, bye."

Remember everything you do and say your little ones are soaking in. Consider yourself warned!

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