Yard Sale

4:00 PM

I'm happy to report that we made it through our busy weekend. We moved and moved and moved. Boxes, clothes, toys and furniture. If I ever have thoughts of moving again, PLEASE STOP ME!

Saturday morning we were up BEFORE the sun setting up tables and dragging out our of stuff for the 1st annual Parkman/Raiford yard sale.

The prep for the sale wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. My in-laws picked Libby up Friday night around dinner time and in two hours I had all the clothes, shoes and other items sorted and tagged.

I would have liked to have more traffic, but overall it was a good morning. We had some very interesting customers - but how could you not at a yard sale?!

(No, these are not the "characters" I just mentioned! They just happen to be in the picture!)

And if our customers weren't lucky enough to be getting good deals at our sale, they also had the pleasure of this friendly guy to bag up their purchases! Great job, Daddy-O!

What we didn't sell was carted off to a local charity and out of my house forever! What a great feeling! More on the move soon...

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