Full of Thanks!

9:00 AM

What a great Thanksgiving week we had! I'll confess that I ate way too much and plan to do so through the Christmas season. Why is holiday food so good? And why do I eat so much of it?

We started Thanksgiving week early with my parents. They decided to break and head to the beach for the holiday, so we celebrated with them Monday night. I had a the great idea to take a family portrait. I set my timer, staged everyone and began shooting. If only I had planned for Libby to absolutely, positively NOT cooperate.

Finally, we threw in the towel. This is the best one.

I guess we should capture memories as they really happened, huh? Who wants to be one of those perfect families, anyway? So funny!

Fast forward to Thursday. Here are a few shots Thanksgiving morning at our house.

We ate lunch with Drew's grandmother's side of the family. As usual it was great to see all of our relatives and the food was lip-smacking!

Libby helped me give baby Cayden her bottle. Sweet little ones.

Later in the afternoon after a nap, some playing and traveling, we ate dinner with Drew's other grandmother. Again, more family and more great food.

Libby with her cousins.

We had a great (long!) day and we know we have SO MUCH to be thankful for. We appreciate our families so much and love that they are close to us so we can enjoy them year-round.

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  1. I LOVE the non-cooperational pictures - that is what I deal with constantly. Neither of my boys will look at the camera! *SIGH* The one of Miss Lib in the center (stage front) is PERFECT. :)

  2. Those family shots are hillarious! I am laughing out loud!! I think the first one needs to be on the flip side of a Christmas card :)


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