Back to Normal

2:05 PM

 Late December and early January have been fun, busy and cold! I'm finally getting back to a normal routine. Drew and I are back to work, Libby's back to daycare and we're almost back to being on a schedule.

Last week we had a snow day (okay, really it was ice). We got a lot of messy ice, rain and sleet. We had the day off so we stayed in our pjs and stayed warm by the fire.

We also watched a very important football game. Auburn beat Oregon for the National Championship title! Being an Alabama fan, I'm not supposed to like that, but I'm happy they won for Drew and my Auburn friends!

Also, thanks for all the tips I received about an easy and understandable way to approach reading the Bible all the way through. Brooke suggested I chose the plan that takes you through the Bible on a historical timeline. It's broken into days and they are very easy. I can do extra some days to make up for those I'll miss. So far I've learned that Adam lived to be 930 years old. Did you know that?

I also made a quick trip Birmingham for a work meeting. I got to stay with my friend Kathryn for the night. She cooked us a great meal and we had fun catching up. Thanks, Kathryn! It was fun!

We enjoyed another 3 day weekend (MLK/Robert E. Lee holiday) this week. I love having Mondays off!

Sunday evening we spent time at the farm to celebrate Granddaddy's Dave's (a.k.a. Da Da's) birthday.

I haven't had a chance to introduce you the new, GIGANTIC swing set that was constructed on the farm. It's twice as big as the one we have at home, but that's okay, grandparents are allowed to out-do us!

We love it!

Libby also enjoyed playing her cousin. These two are going to have lots of fun playing on the farm in the years to come.

Hope your life is back on schedule. I would say back to normal, but are any of us normal? No way! 

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  1. looks like you are enjoying the swing set as much as Libby!! I just got your Christmas card I sent you in the mail...forgot to get your new address :)


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