NYC Day 4

11:15 AM

Our last day in New York came quickly. But we had done so much that we were all ready to get home and see our families, especially since Christmas was just 4 days away. 

We had half a day to enjoy before catching the shuttle back to LaGuardia airport. So we set out to Jersey, Hoboken to be exact. Hoboken is the home of Carlo's Bakery or maybe better known as the Cake Boss on TLC.

We were a little worried about how far into Jersey we'd have to go. But Coop was a great navigator and we sent Paula to ask a cop (twice) on the subway if we were headed in the right direction.

It was only a few blocks from where we got off the subway and we were right on time. No lines and lots of excitement!

We didn't realize we were in the middle of something big. A man proposed to his girlfriend and the mother and sisters from the show were out front to make sure the proposal when smoothly. She said "Yes" and we all congratulated them.


There were tons of delicious looking treats. We ordered cannolis and donuts and wrapped up our visit. I'm glad we took the time to find the shop, it was really neat!

And it didn't take Coop long to look like a local. She fell asleep on the subway. That girl can sleep anywhere!

Once we made our way back to the city, we had another important stop. The Charmin Time Square Restrooms. If you're near Times Square go here. It was so cute and most importantly CLEAN! This free pit stop is located at 142 West 42nd Street.


Their motto is "Enjoy the Go".  And we did!

Then we walked a few blocks to the GIANT Toys 'R Us store in Times Square.

 We rode the ferris wheel.

We spent the last few hours shopping. Coop, Paula and Madison headed back to Central Park and I hit H&M and Forever 21.

We waved goodbye to Hotel Pennsylvania, loaded the shuttle and all agreed we were ready to get back to the south.

The Justin Bieber look-alike was on our flight home.  Of course we shouted "It's Biber!" across the airplane for good measure. I know he misses us!

I can honestly say this was the trip of a lifetime. I enjoyed my traveling mates, they were great! I enjoyed every activity (well, maybe not the some of the bitterly cold moments). We were blessed with safe and un-traumatic travels. No delays, no problems, no lost luggage. I have wonderful memories and hundreds of amazing pictures from our trip.

Thanks Paula, Madison and Coop for a wonderful trip!
I hope you enjoyed the recap as much as we enjoyed going on the trip.

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  1. whew - what a fun trip and so easy to take from my living room! thanks for sharing :)

  2. This is so awesome! LOVE that you guys went to Carlos' Bakery! I watch that show all the time!! Kent would have died on that TS3 Ferris Wheel!! I will e-mail you for all the where to's when I finally plan a trip to NYC!!

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