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 I mentioned that we have a house for sale in a recent post, so I wanted to show you some rooms in our new home. I took pictures before we moved in and knew we had a long road ahead of us. The house has more space (the main reason for the move) and I felt very overwhelmed about getting our new home in working order. We moved most of our furniture from the old house, but there were still several rooms with no furniture at all.

As a control freak, I wanted it to done immediately, but my wise mother reminded me to take it slow and enjoy decorating my new house. Thanks, Mom! 

Over the last two months, we've picked up a few pieces of furniture and it's been fun adding new touches to the house.

The first order of business was to get night stands in our master bedroom. We bought a sleigh bed several years ago and I was using a small, antique table that was my grandmother's as bedside table. It was okay, but when we moved into a bigger master, the table didn't work. My mom vowed to help me find the right pieces of furniture. We were lucky enough to stumble upon these.


I like them because they are low profile and they match the rest of our bedroom furniture. Pretty good for purchasing them 6 years apart!

Now on to the guest bedroom. The bedding is black and white and my mom had already promised to help me with {another} DIY project. To strip this dresser (another piece from my grandmother's collection), paint it black and distress it.

So we thought these black night stands would go nicely in the guest room. There was only one at the furniture store, so they to be ordered. I was so pleased when they finally came in and we unpacked them. I actually like them a lot more than I even remembered!

 Finally, I ordered new chairs in our living room. This is the most expensive purchase (as far as furniture) that I've made in many years. Since I custom ordered them I had to wait over six weeks before they arrived. I'll admit, I had lots of, "I don't even know if I like what I ordered?!" moments. But when they came in and I saw them in the room all my fears were gone. I love them!


I'm enjoying the new pieces and it feels good to check things off my list. However, I still have much to do. Next major furniture project...

My dining room. I'm open to suggestions and have your checks or money orders made out to me! I think it might take some searching to find just the right pieces for this room. I'll keep you posted if I find anything I like.

In non-furniture news, we had awesome weather this weekend in the south east. It gave me spring fever! Can't wait for warmer weather in the coming months. Now off to conquer this week!

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  1. You know, Ashley's Distribution warehouse has a sale the first Saturday of each month...we got our oversized dining room table and 8 chairs for a whopping $350 (including tax). If purchased from the showroom, it would've been around $2,000.

    We asked why the set was being sold since they still offer the piece, the response was it was sent to the wrong distribution warehouse!

  2. Love your bedding! Love the leather chairs! It is so exciting to start with a new space. Can't wait to seem more!

  3. Love the new living room chairs! And what great find for the end tables...both sets! I can't wait to see it in person!

  4. Looking so so so good!! I love the guest bedroom bedspread :) It took us a year to get a dining room table :)


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