11:31 AM

Hi blog readers! February got here in a hurry, didn't it? Valentine's Day is getting close. There was no denying it during my trip to Target over the weekend. Candy, toys and huge stuffed animals were everywhere! I was weak and bought a {semi big} bag of peanut butter M&Ms. They are "rewards" for potty training, but I tend to reward myself for just making it through the day. Oh well!

Libby made the cutest Valentine headband at school yesterday. She was very proud of her art work and wore it on the car ride home, which included our trip to Walgreens to pick up some things. Cute, cute!

I love you, Elizabeth Caroline! You melt my heart!

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  1. The cutest little girl I've ever seen!!!! (Wearing the cutest little T-shirt I've ever seen!)


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