NYC Day 2

11:00 AM

Day 2 in New York City might have been my favorite day of the whole trip. So let's get started!

We were pretty tired from our first jam-packed day in the City. We "slept in" (until 7 am) and hit the streets again. We grabbed breakfast and headed to Central Park.

The walk to Central Park was great. It was so much unlike Times Square - calm, quiet, homey. I envisioned myself living in the one of the brown stone apartments, like Carrie does on Sex and the City. We even took time climb up the steps of a total stranger's house. I know the owner appreciated that!

We arrived to the park, walked around and fell in love. It was so different from any other part of the city. People were jogging, walking their dogs and taking it easy. We strolled through the park and all agreed we loved it there!

We decided to take a rickshaw ride through the lower half of the park. It was awesome and worth every penny we paid. If you go to Central Park, do this! We split up into two rickshaws and our drivers stayed together.

They told us lots of facts about the park and pointed out where scenes from  different movies were shot. We were total tourist - cameras flashing, pointing, ohhing and ahhing...and it was great!

In the FRIENDS fountain

The towers from the Ghostbusters movies.

The Boathouse from 27 Dresses and many other movies.

We found a neat market place on the edge of the park and purchased some pretty jewelry and cute hats. After some shopping, Coop insisted that we play on one of the playgrounds in the park. Sounds like fun, huh? It was!

We traveled back down 5th Avenue and saw some famous sights and did some shopping.

F.A.O. Schwartz

Introducing Madison and her first piece of jewelry from Tiffany...oooh!

We took a lunch break at Cafe Duke in the Theater District. We warmed up and refilled our tanks. We were anxiously awaiting the next item on our agenda...Wicked.

If you've seen this musical, then you may ignore the following rants and raves: Wicked was great! Awesome! Wonderful! You must see this show!

After the show we hit the streets again. We made our way to see the Christmas tree at Rockafeller Center. It was very pretty, but way over-crowded. We had to push our way through hundreds of people just to get close to the tree and see the ice skating rink. Needless to say, we quickly took pictures and moved on.

We walked several more blocks, took a coffee and snack break and then made our way to the Empire State Building. We felt pretty lucky because we didn't have to wait at all, which is not the norm.


It was really awesome! I'm so glad we went at night. This shot is from the observation deck on the 86th floor. Looks like you can see forever.

This wrapped up our second day. I cannot believe we packed so much into everyday. I'm exhausted just recapping the days! But I'm glad we did, it was a wonderful trip.

Day 3 post is next!

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  1. LOVE this post... these are all our favs too, especially the park. But, of all of our trips to NYC, we've never done the ferry (from Day 3) or the observation deck from this one. We're going back in Feb, so maybe I can talk Josh into a little tourism! :) Great pics!


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