New York City Day 1

11:00 AM

Are you ready to hear about and see pictures from our trip to New York City? Good! Because I'm ready to share the fun! The best way is to take you through each day chronologically. Creative, huh?

Let me introduce you to the travelers in our group. There were four of us - a great number to travel with, in my opinion. Me, Coop, our friend Paula and her daughter, Madison. Each of the adults had been to NYC before, but this was Madison's first trip the the Big Apple...exciting!

We left EARLY Saturday morning. We had to get to Atlanta to catch our flight. So Coop picked me up at 4:45 am!

We had some laughs in the security line (some people got extra pats in the line!), but were lucky to move right through and get to our terminal with no trouble. We had to time to eat breakfast - because it was only 8 am! While we were waiting on our plane to arrive, we spotted Justin Bieber!!!!....err or a kid that looked a lot like him. He was a little embarrassed, but his mom got a good laugh.

After harassing the Justin look-a-like, we boarded the plane and had a smooth ride to LaGuardia airport.

With all of our luggage in tow, we caught a shuttle to our hotel, Hotel Pennsylvania. It was right across the street from Madison Square Garden.

We arrived to the city by lunch time, so we set out to see the sights. Macy's (the world's largest store) was just two blocks down from our hotel. It was decorated for Christmas and bustling with excited tourist.

Then we made our way to Times Square. It was very crowded and quickly became my least favorite place to navigate. But it was still cool, none-the-less.

We had a late lunch at the world famous Carnegie Deli. This is a tourist hot spot, so we were packed in with hundreds of other people. The sandwiches were huge, but we all found our food to be bland and over priced. But, you live and learn and now we can say we've eaten there.

We browsed a few famous spots in Times Square. All the big stores had long lines just to get in. We ventured into the M & Ms stores. Boy was it chaotic! There were people everywhere - mayhem! I did snap this picture of Times Square from the second floor. Pretty cool.

Then it was time to board a double-decker bus and take the Christmas Night of Lights tour. We purchased tickets for this tour and additional tickets from City Sights New York that allowed us to hop on and hop off from any stop in the city. Smart idea and a great way to avoid paying for a taxi, which is expensive.

The tour was on an open air bus, so it was cold, but it was really, really neat and I highly recommend it. It's a great way to navigate the city and there are tour guides on each bus to point out the famous and historical sights. They are also pros at getting around the city, so we asked them lots of questions.

The night tour included Grand Central Station,

A drive down 5th Avenue,

Lots of historic buildings and churches

and THOUSANDS of Christmas lights!

The tour took about two hours, after which we were frozen! We headed back to our hotel to crash. We had a great (long) first day.

I'll be back with a recap of Day 2 soon.

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  1. We were in Philadelphia when y'all were in New York. Boy was it cold! Oh, and I was one of the people who got the extra pat down:/

  2. I would LOVE to go to NYC at Christmas! I've always been in the spring and summer... great pictures!

  3. AMAZING pictures! I have been to lots of places, but not NYC!! You'll have to tell me where to go when I am able to get up there! it looks amazing!

  4. The last time I went to New York it was at Christmas! Your pictures bring back those fun memories! We also at at Carnegie Deli. Their sandwiches aren't that great, but we still order a cheesecake for Christmas from there!


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